• Kitesurfing

    Kites, Bars and Boards

    See this years new kite lines. For the season 2018 we focused on refining our existing kite lines. You may not see the changes at first glance, but you will feel it! ...more

  • Windsurfing

    Sails and Accessories

    Developing sails for windsurfing has always been core of Bulls business. This year we introduce Juice - very agile. All known sails from last year have been upgraded. ...more

  • Clothing

    Surfwear for Him and Her

    Tarifa has a tradition for producing creative surf fashion. Since the early days Bull designs its own clothing. Check out a small selection we offer online. More you can find in our store. ...more

  • Our kites in action

    Engineering the perfect kite not only takes technological know-how and experience, it also takes a lot of testing. We regularly go out to put our new products to the test.

    Last winter, the Bull Team, spent some awesome time in the North-East of Brazil, this is a well known area for consistent perfect wind conditions. The last testing of the new material left everybody surprised, we hardly believed there was so much room for improvement. Enjoy the action!

  • 3D-Modeled

    We use state-of-the-art sientific methods, 3D models and computer simulation.

  • CAD Cnfolding

    Nondissipative transfers of 3D models to cut plans using advanced projection software.

  • CNC Cutting

    Ultra precise robotic cut using CNC plotter and cutter ensures stable product quality.

  • Quality Assurance

    We implement strict quality assurance processes in production and before delivery.